Rickett’s Glen State Park: Pt 1

One word describes Rickett’s Glen State Park well: Wow. Over the length of about 4 miles, there are 22 waterfalls ranging from 11 feet to 94 feet. I went to Rickett’s Glen with my grandfather this past Thursday. We hiked 7 miles round trip from the highway (Rt. 118) to see both of the forks of the river and all the waterfalls that can be seen in the park. After reviewing my images, It is funny to see that possibly my favorite shot (below) from the trip is one that could be taken in many different places all over the world. It seems to take more than one trip to a given spot for me to take more than a couple images I really like. The different weather conditions, light, water levels, and creative mindset makes each trip, even to the same exact spots, very unique.

Strata Reflection

  1. Hey bud,

    Really nice shot – the staircase effect is great, and the reflected tree is placed perfectly. When I went through Rickett’s Glen I was kind of in a hurry, on an overcast day, on my way to upstate New York. I’m happy with the shots I got but for better or worse, they are a bit “standard”.

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