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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my brand new blog. In the near future, I plan on sharing photographs, trip reports, thoughts, and ideas. You’re probably wondering, “Who is this Vito, guy?” I’ll be glad to answer that question for you.

First and foremost, I’m a Christian. I believe Jesus is God and that He gave His life on the cross so that I may be freed from the bondage of sin and live for eternity in heaven when I die. Secondly, I’m a photographer. I found my inspiration for photography on a month-long trip “Out West.” My family, grandparents, and I visited scenic locations all over the United States. I had a cheap (really cheap) 35mm point and shoot, which broke in the middle of the trip. A few months after we were back home, I bought a Canon Powershot G2. I’ve been going crazy reading books, reading internet tutorials, and participating in photography forums. Since then I’ve upgraded to a Canon 400D and a couple of lenses.

You can see my work at www.vitoparatore.com.

Have a great day. Stop by again soon!

The Blogger Himself, Vito

  1. Geoff Shapiro

    Lookin’ good Vito! I think your welcome message is spot on!!

    Send me an email, Vito – it’s been awhile…


  2. Bre

    I have truly enjoyed browsing through your exquisite photos. You talents are absolutely remarkable. If it is ok with you I would love to exchange links. These photos should be shown to the world. Congratulations on your excellent work. i look forward to hearing from you soon.


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